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The history of Volant Grabowscy began in 2006. We started modestly, methodically building our business from scratch. In the beginning, the involvement of employees at various levels helped us (and is still our strong point) - we all made sure that Volant could enter the market.

From the very beginning, we wanted to be perceived as a manufacturer of high-quality solutions. That's why we constantly care about the quality and durability of our products.

We showed that we are not afraid to act: a year later, we created our first original developments. These were attachments for front loaders:

  • bale grabs,
  • manure forks,
  • buckets.

Efficient collaboration

Thanks to the efficient cooperation of our team, we were able to supply the market with equipment tailored to the needs of farmers.

Well-thought-out actions contributed to rapid development.

We bought a property in Nowy Opole. We worked organically, adapting the new terrain (buildings and land) to the needs of the company.

This was the moment when we began the construction of the factory and warehouse. In addition, we also created social facilities - all to enable our employees to professionally and comfortably take care of the durability and effectiveness of our equipment.


Establishment of Volant Grabowscy

Without the involvement of employees, this would not have been possible, which is why the company means the employees!

International fairs

In 2010, we went abroad for the first time. We participated in international fairs in Hanover.

Establishment of the logistics department

2011 - establishment of the Logistics Department - purchase of trucks and expansion of logistics facilities - driveways, parking lots, and warehouse.

Investments in the production plant

2013 - further investments in the production plant - modern ventilation system, construction of parking lots, etc.

Establishment of the design department

2014 - launching our own Design Department and purchasing a proprietary production planning and accounting system.

Construction of a new production hall

2015 - construction of a new production hall and new social facilities.

Purchase of a welding robot

2017 - purchase of the first welding robot.

Purchase of a production facility

2018 - purchase of a production facility with warehouse space, located on a 1.5 ha area in Żelków - Kolonia.

Continuous, methodical development with attention to detail

In recent years, we have shown that we can plan and do not rest on our laurels. We have adopted and implemented a comprehensive modernization plan for the plant. The areas of action included:

  • construction of a modern office building,
  • modernization of production halls,
  • upgrading of the paint shop.

Recognized leaders

As can be seen from the above timeline, we have always focused on the development of the company. In short: we did our job. This was also noticed by others, which led to the following distinctions.

  • Businesswoman title for the company's co-owner, Mrs. Urszula Grabowska
  • Partner of the Siedlce Labor Market 2019 - in recognition of the contribution to the local labor market


Nothing escapes us

We know how many factors influence the creation of equipment that will serve you for years. That is why we continue our development, an example of which is the launch of the Implementation Department.

We step out of the shadows

In August 2020, we published a new, refreshed version of our website. Its aim is to adapt the company to the expectations of our customers and facilitate direct contact. Building the future:

  • We focus on simple and honest relationships.
  • We provide equipment for years to come.
  • We ensure service support.

We warmly invite you to a long-term cooperation.

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