Teleskopic Manure Fork

Weight 230 kg
Depth (Z) (mm)

Tooth D [ct]

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Width (X) [mm]

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Weight (kg)

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Height (Y) (mm)


Teleskopic Manure Fork

The robust manure fork for telescopic handlers allows you to work efficiently without worrying about wear and tear. That way you can work:

  • easier,
  • faster,
  • more precisely.

Our manure forks consist of a sturdy and durable frame and tines that are adapted to field work.

With VOLANT into the field

Our manure forks are using the best steel, without any structure redundancies. This makes them both economical and safe to use.

The VOLANT manure fork is to work with telehandlers. They are primarily to transport manure, but are also suitable for loading and transporting other materials. Things like that:

  • simple, durable construction
  • four size variants, 
  • the best steel,
  • no unnecessary elements,

Make the product universal and adaptable to the realities of any type of farm. All components of the device subject to rigorous inspection by our quality department. We are confident that we are giving you proven and faultless equipment.

You will be with us longer

Are you afraid of equipment that will have to be scrapped after a year? Not with us! Excellent workmanship, combined with top-quality materials, make the VOLANT manure fork serve for many seasons. Only with us, polish steel, corrosion protection, universal tips with dust protection and full after-sales support!

Interchangeable tines

We know the farmers’ problems. We treat each client individually, because our goal is to have a fair relationship, which translates into long-term cooperation. Therefore, at the customer’s request, we can freely modify the number of tines in order to select the best solution for a given farm. The tines can be closer together for fine material so that nothing is lost along the way. 

Only with us – a higher level of warranty!

Already now, extend the standard warranty up to 24 months. Contact us and learn more.

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