Rolled mini crocodile drawer

Weight330 kg
Depth (Z) [in]

Tooth G [ct]

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Volume-max [GAL]

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Width (X) [in]

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Weight [lb]

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Height (Y) [in]


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Rolled mini crocodile drawer

Are you thinking about choosing the right bucket for your front loader? Choose the universal mini rolled crocodile from VOLANT. The forged-tooth design developed by our top engineers guarantees:

  • convenience
  • durability
  • safety
  • efficient work

You will find a version for yourself

A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the perfect model for your individual needs. Rolled bucket allows better material discharge. The transported asset does not stick to the surface, which may be the case with a different bucket shape.

More comfortable

The unscrewed sides of the mini rolled crocodile bucket significantly extend the possibilities of using the device. Thanks to this, the bucket-crocodile will also work in the transport of oversized materials:

  • branches
  • bales
  • wood
  • and the like

Unbreakable equipment

Excellent workmanship, combined with the highest quality materials, make the mini rolled crocodile bucket from VOLANT will serve for many seasons. We use:

  • proven materials
  • certified black steel S235
  • universal tips with anti-dust protection
  • anti-corrosion protection
  • strict quality controls
  • knowledge of experienced engineers

Excellent durability

Each element of the device undergoes rigorous control of our quality department. We are sure that we give you proven and failure-free equipment. The interchangeable blade is made of one of the most durable S355 steels. The teeth are forged, which ensures stiffness and safety in carrying the load.

Replaceable teeth

At your request, we can freely modify the number of teeth and the distance between them. Choose the best solution for your farm!

A wide selection of mounts

Our offer includes almost every type of fastening available on the market. When buying, you just need to choose the right one and enjoy using it.

Quality for years

Are you afraid of equipment that will have to be scrapped after a year? Not with us! The excellent quality of workmanship, combined with the highest-class materials make VOLANT front loader grippers used for many seasons. What distinguishes us is:

  • certified steel
  • anti-corrosion protection
  • universal tips with anti-dust protection
  • full after-sale support

Each of our grippers is designed for years of real work.

Powder coating, quality and durability

Crocodile drawer with two actuators we paint with powder in accordance with the latest standards. The advantages of this process are:

  • abrasion resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • better visual effect than in the case of traditional painting
  • the color is vivid and saturated
  • the paint does not peel or tarnish

Safe choice

Each VOLANT product undergoes rigorous control according to internal procedures supervised by an experienced control team. We are sure that we give you proven and failure-free equipment. We treat each client individually, because our goal is honest relationships that translate into long-term cooperation.

Full support

We will not leave you alone! For us, the purchase of a device is just the beginning of our relationship. All devices are covered by a one-year warranty, and in case of any complications or questions, we provide full service support. In addition, our offer permanently includes every spare part for every device!

Warranty and service included

Volant Grabowscy cares about quality – we want to be a partner for years. That is why we offer a one-year warranty, with the possibility of extending it for another year, and full service support carried out in a maximum of 72 hours. In addition, we permanently offer every spare part for every device!

Extend the standard warranty up to 24 months now. Contact us and find out more.

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